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Modes Of Refrigerated Transport


Refrigerated transport in Melbourne has become the backbone of global logistics. The things we are using or consuming nowadays, may not be in our reach without the help of refrigerated transport. Refrigeration has become critical during the pandemic when there has been the unusual movement of food items to highly affected countries Then when it comes to vaccines, the vaccination of the global population was not possible without refrigerated transport. Because the Covid-19 vaccine needs to be transported in a temperature-controlled environment and only because of extensive refrigerated transport services, people of the world can get the vaccines. 

The concept of refrigerated transport is not new, it has been in practice for centuries. The recent refrigerated transport services are far more complex and can easily be designed to cater for any type of product or material. With every passing day, there have been great innovations in refrigerated transport they have connected the world in a better way. When it comes to refrigerated transport, multiple modes are used. The modes of refrigerated and normal transport are somehow the same. But the major difference comes in the packaging container or storage requirements. For instance, like normal transport, refrigerated transport will be catered via the following modes

  1. Water
  2. Rail
  3. Road
  4. Air

The most popular mode of transport is water. The refrigerated freight services primarily consist of water transportation. Only due to the refrigerated freight services it is possible to move temperature-controlled items from one country to another, due to refrigeration during transit, those items remain usable upon reaching their destination. Here we will be giving a brief about each mode of refrigerated transport

Water: The specialized containers are built with a refrigeration system in them to keep the cargo under a certain temperature. The size of these containers varies and the refrigeration system specs also differ according to the item 

  1. When these containers are loaded on cargo ships, the electric connection is provided to the container to keep the refrigeration system throughout the journey. 
  2. Rail: Usually the same container that has been used for Water transportation will be loaded on Rail Car. The same electric connection will be provided for the refrigeration. 
  3. Road: When it comes to Road transportation. The container can be loaded on the truck as it is. Sometimes, the electric connection is not needed because transit time is not long. But in case, if there is long transit then an electric connection can be provided or generators are also placed on trucks that are powered by truck engines to provide electricity to the refrigeration system.
  4. Air: The air refrigeration services are not common as other modes. But they are used when there is emergency delivery required. The cargo aeroplane contains a special refrigerated compartment, the size of cargo are often smaller than the usual cargo. As compared to water refrigerated freight services, air transportation is used under special circumstances