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Tips For Using Fitness Games In Boot Camp

Fun plays an important role in maintaining the motivation and enthusiasm of starter campers.

However, before you begin, there are a few tips to keep in mind when implementing personal trainer CEC courses in your workout.

 1) One of the most important factors in running a successful “general” physical training camp is maintaining an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable with their current level of fitness and ability. What’s wrong with the friendly competition is just trying to make it fun and fair.

 2) Take safety precautions to avoid injury and accidents. I heard a big “pop” during my daily warm-up in my training ground. Then I saw a woman with something sticking out of her ankle hurting the ground. As an instructor or trainer, it is important to keep a “broken record” and speak repeatedly so that people start slowly even while warming up.

 3) Establish a routine. Warm-ups, dynamic activities, games, workouts, cool-downs are my daily routine. Constantly increase the intensity, increase the heart rate, and slowly descend again while cooling down. Mixing is important, but this is my basic exercise formula.

 4) Keep the instructions simple. Use clues and keywords in verbal explanations.

 5) Many people provide visual demonstrations as visual learners. Especially in the early morning hours when customers may still be awake.

 6) Make sure everyone participates. Looking alone has no advantage. Let them sit on jumps, squats, planks, or walls while they wait their turn.

 7) Avoid overly advanced or complex activities. If the starter camper is confident in your skills, you will likely continue to be an active participant in the program.

 8) Balance your fitness play activities. Change partners, teams, career, strength and time regularly.

 9) Congratulations and rewards for teamwork, positive attitude, great sportsmanship and effort. Victory is great, but it is not the main focus.

 10) Training at boot camp should be a positive experience for boot camps, and camp instructors must be passionate about what they do. This is a great opportunity for your boot camps to love physical activity and exercise for life!

 Don’t be afraid to play very basic games with your clients because many clients are hard-core and have less than their average visual coordination, spatial perception, body coordination, balance, listening skills, and participation skills. Bootcamp games don’t always have to be the greatest strength. Enjoy the basic game.

Anyone can enjoy boot camp training. You can join the training camp environment or stay at home. However, there are some interesting things about boot camps. You will exercise with other people who want to keep fit. Although it is a training ground, you are still trained at your own pace. You have to push yourself a little to benefit.